RDP/VAE(Redispersible Latex Powder)

RDP/VAE(Redispersible Latex Powder)
Re-dispersible latex powder is made of ethylene – vinyl acetate copolymer, after spray drying modified emulsion powder, it has good re-dispersibility, and water contact with the re-dispersed into an emulsion, and with its chemical properties and the initial emulsion is exactly the same, and the evaporation of water can be formed after the film, the film has a high degree of flexibility, high weathering and high adhesion to a variety of substrates. In addition, the hydrophobic latex powder can make the mortar has good waterproof property.
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Product Details

Product Description

Redispersible Polymer Powder, also called RDP or VAE RDP, is a free-flowing and water-soluble white powder. It is obtained from vinyl acetate-ethylene through a spray-drying process. Chinacel VAE RDP can enhance the mortar adhesion, cohesion, and bonding strength. It also improves workability, durability, abrasion resistance, wear resistance, and load-bearing capacity. Adding Chinacel RDP also enhances the mortar’s wetting and water-retention property.

Chinacel RDP Highlights

Enhance bonding strength and cohesion
Augment impact resistance
Improve wear resistance longevity
Enhance flexural and tensile strength
Enhance freeze-thaw stability and effectively prevent material cracking

RDP Application 

    The polymer film formed by Shengda Dispersible Latex Powder has excellent flexibility and significantly improves the flexural and bending strength of the mortar. This film is formed on the surface and in the interstices of the mortar particles, creating a filmic connection that gives the hard mortar more elastic properties. As a result, this technology significantly enhances the bond strength and adhesion of the mortar. As an organic binder, our re-dispersible polymer powders are able to form thin films with high tensile and adhesion strengths on a variety of substrates, thus improving the impact resistance, durability and abrasion resistance of mortars.
    As the interstices of the mortar are filled with the powder particles, the density of the mortar is increased, which in turn improves its abrasion resistance. The application of our RDP products also enhances the weathering, freeze-thaw and crack resistance of the final product. As thermoplastic resins, our products exhibit excellent flexibility, allowing the mortar to adapt to hot and cold changes in the environment, thereby preventing cracking due to temperature changes.
    Our dispersible latex powder products are widely used in various fields, including tile adhesives, exterior wall insulation systems, tile caulking, wall putty, self-leveling flooring mortar, interface mortar, cementitious waterproofing mortar, repair mortar, masonry plaster mortar and other types of construction materials, as well as EPS plastering and decorative materials. Our products show excellent performance in these applications and provide reliable solutions for all kinds of construction and decoration projects.


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