PP Fiber (Polypropylene Fibres)

PP Fiber (Polypropylene Fibres)
PP Fiber is a micro reinforcement, manufactured of 100% polypropylene fibres containing no reprocessed olefin materials designed for use with all cementitiousous mixes. The inclusion of PP Fiber within a concrete mix or cementitious mixes will control shrinkage cracks and will act as an alternative to traditional crack control steel mesh.


40 mm fiber length : 0.6 kg/bag
19 mm fiber length : 0.9 kg/bag
12 mm fiber length : 0.6 kg/bag
12 mm fiber length : 0.9 kg/bag
3 and 6 mm fiber length : 0.6 kg/bag
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Product Details

Product Description

Polypropylene staple fiber is a kind of fiber. Polypropylene staple fiber can improve the crack resistance, permeability, impact resistance, frost resistance, explosion resistance and workability of mortar/concrete. Tens of millions of fibers are evenly distributed in mortar/concrete, playing a good role in micro-reinforcement, which can well maintain the integrity of the structure, avoid the structure from being broken into many fragments when it is damaged by impact, prevent the steel bars in the structure from rusting, greatly extend the service life of the project, and reduce the maintenance cost of the project.

Product Specification

MaterialPolypropyleneFiber TypeBundle monofilament
proportion0 .91tensile strength>358Mpa
Acid and alkali resistanceVery highElastic Modulus>3.5Gpa
Melting point>165℃Fiber diameter18—48µm
safetyNon-toxic materialsWater absorptionnone
Thermal conductivityVery lowTensile limit>15%
Low temperature resistancepowerfulSpecification19mm, 9mm, 6mm, 3mm

Chinacel PP Fiber Highlights

Easy and safe to use
Reduction of shrinkage crack formation during setting.
Reinforcement against disintegration
Increases resistance to impact and abrasion
Decreases permeability
It replaces the mesh whenever it is not structural, avoiding corrosion problems
High quality control and test

PP Fiber Application 

Applications and advantages of using polypropylene fibres
Versatile Applications: polypropylene fiber find use in a wide range of applications, including industrial pavements, tunnels, roads, special mortars, precast concrete, and more. Their adaptability makes them compatible with various processing techniques and suitable for diverse construction needs.

Cost-Effective Solution: These fibers offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional reinforcement methods like mesh. They reduce the formation of retraction and contraction cracks, saving time and labor during construction.

Enhanced Durability: polypropylene fiber enhance the durability of concrete structures. They provide a secondary, uniform reinforcement throughout the concrete, preventing the spread of cracks and improving overall tensile strength.

Ease of Use: Incorporating polypropylene fiber into concrete is a straightforward process. They can be easily mixed with concrete at the construction site or manufacturing plant.

Chemical Resistance: Polypropylene exhibits excellent chemical resistance to common solvents, ensuring the longevity of the concrete even in challenging environments.

Dimensional Stability: These fibers maintain their stability when exposed to high temperatures, ensuring the structural integrity of the concrete.

Moisture Barrier: polypropylene fiber act as a vapor barrier, preventing the transfer of moisture and protecting the structure from potential damage.

Safety and Impact Resistance: Structures reinforced with polypropylene fibers exhibit increased impact resistance, making them more resilient to erosion and wear over time. This added toughness ensures safety in various building scenarios.

3D Strengthening: The fibers provide 3D strengthening, reinforcing the concrete in multiple dimensions and increasing its overall strength.

High Traction Resistance: Polypropylene fibers offer high traction resistance, making them suitable for applications where surface durability is essential.

Polypropylene fiber have become a game-changer in the construction industry, offering a cost-effective, versatile, and durable solution for reinforcing concrete structures. Their ability to enhance concrete’s mechanical properties, resist environmental factors, and reduce cracks has positioned them as a vital component in modern construction. As the demand for sustainable, long-lasting building materials grows, polypropylene fiber are undeniably at the forefront of innovation, promising a brighter and more resilient future for construction projects worldwide.

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