Calcium Format

Calcium Format
Calcium formate is an organic substance with the molecular formula C2H2O4Ca. It is used as a feed additive for various animals. It has acidification, mildew prevention, and antibacterial effects. It is also used in industry as a concrete and mortar additive, leather tanning, or as a preservative.
25KG each,custom packing available
Around 7 days
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T/T or L/C at sight
Load 12 tons -14 tons
Load 26 tons -28 tons
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Calcium Formate is a white crystal with excellent fluidity and is used as an early strength agent in mortar. In dry-mix mortar products, calcium formate can be used as an early strength agent to accelerate the hardening speed of cement, shorten the setting time, and improve the early strength. Especially in winter construction or under low temperature and humidity, it can be used to avoid slow condensation of the mortar, so that the mortar product can be put into use as soon as possible. It especially has great contribution to early strength.


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