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Cellulose Ether Manufacturer-Chinacel

Chinacel is a cellulose ether manufacturer in china. From the beginning, we focus on the production of HPMC, HEMC and HEC, providing high-quality and best cellulose ether price for many countries and regions.
Factories in China, complete supply chain system;
Cellulose ether annual production capacity of 50,000, to provide a stable supply, fast delivery;
98.2% customer satisfaction, Chinacel professional team do our best to meet your needs.
China brand ,strictly quality control

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We have built a strong team capable of providing the best commodities related to cellulose ether, concrete fiber, Redispersible Powder(RDP)


Shengda Old Factory
Shengda New Factory

About Chinacel

We have built a strong team capable of providing the best commodities related to cellulose ether, cellulose,
 Redispersible powder( RDP )

Production Base

we have our own old factory in xinhe city ,along with other shareholders, have built a new factory with 12 production lines in Jinzhou

Quality Control

We supervise our quality in each production chain from Purchasing to Exporting. Each process is under a strict QC system managed by the independent team working closely between the supervised chain.


With at least three technical research labs and Scientific & Technological consultants from the R&D center in Dallas, US, we keep our products innovative and competitive, always catering to the fields in the leading edges like 3D printing and micro cement.

Technical Assistant

Our lab technicians have been working in the specialty chemical industry for more than 15 years. The customized formula in special areas like self-leveling and tile adhesive is their achievements from years of dedicated research. We could meet your diversified needs at the same time with our modified products.

We Provide Best of The Best Solutions!

We rely on years of project experience, and record. Choose different grades according to different projects to solve problems for you

Tile Adhesive

Chinacel HPMC for Tile Adhesive application 

Joint Compound

Chinacel HPMC for Joint Compound application

Wall Putty/Skim Coat

Chinacel HPMC for Wall Putty application


Chinacel HPMC for EIFS application

Plaster and Renders

Chinacel HPMC for Plaster application 

Paints and Coatings

Chinacel HPMC for Paints and Coatings application


Chinacel HPMC for Self-Leveling application


Chinacel HPMC for Detergent application


China Best Quality Cellulose for you.
Traditional production method
More substituting degree
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